They discover ruins of the Valongo Pier in Rio de Janeiro

They discover ruins of the Valongo Pier in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro was always one of the most important cities in Brazil (when not your capital). Even in colonial times, its port was the most important in America because Africans moved there, who were later sold to the rest of the continent.

The news of the day is undoubtedly the appearance of the Valongo pierAlmost two centuries after these events, archaeologists have found the pier through which the slaves entered America, or at least the ruins of it, located under the new constructions. "As soon as the discovery was made I went to the place”, Expressed Washington fajardo, Secretary of Rio de Janeiro for Cultural Heritage.

It is a moving experience: an existing city and two meters below, another city”He added. The discovery of "Cais Do Valongo", Or"Valongo Pier”, Occurred when the port area of ​​Rio de Janeiro was being regenerated, on the occasion of the 2016 Olympics.

Since February a group of 10 archaeologists have been working in the area and now they found the structure of the old pier, with the rest of the work of digging it up completely.

This discovery is crucial for the history of Brazil and especially for that of Rio de Janeiro, city ​​that tried to erase everything related to the period of slavery. Historians state that the Muelle de Valongo functioned in this sense, between 1818 and 1830.

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