25,000-year-old cave paintings found in Spain

25,000-year-old cave paintings found in Spain

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They have been found in a cave in northern Spain, cave paintings approximately 25,000 years old representing horses and the work of man by man, regional officials told Reuters.

The red paintings were found by chance by archaeologists looking for signs of ancient settlements and are very similar to those we can see in the Altamira cave, discovered in 1879.

It was a chance find”Said the archaeologist Diego Garate. “Although they were difficult to detect because they are extremely deteriorated, we were able to identify them”, He added. Experts will continue to explore the caves to find evidence of prehistoric utensils or toolsauthorities said.

The homo sapiens It arrived in northern Spain in small groups about 35,000 years ago. They lived together for a short time with the Neanderthals and later developed an important culture in the Superior paleolithic, leaving us stone tools and many cave paintings.

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