Found the tomb of the Mona Lisa

Found the tomb of the Mona Lisa

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After two weeks of searching in an abandoned convent (Saint Ursula of Florence), apparently it has discovered the crypt of the woman who posed for the creation of the famous painting of the Mona Lisa.

When the site was discovered, a one-foot layer of more modern concrete was found first, and underneath it, an older one of 35 one-inch-wide bricks. According to the expert in charge of the excavationwe are more or less where the altar was and we have not found a crypt, but two, one is older than the other and we believe that one of them is that of Lisa Gherardini”.

The famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci is known both by the name of the Mona Lisa as by the Mona Lisa. The name of the Mona Lisa is due to the name of the model Lisa gheradini, who died in 1542 and was the wife of Francesco de Giocondo, from which it is also known as La Gioconda.

The fundamental objective of the investigation is to find the Mona Lisa remains and compare their DNA with that of their children buried in another church in Italy. In addition, they want to reconstruct her face to later compare it with the face of the woman in the painting.

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