They try to unravel the mystery of the first extinction of dinosaurs

They try to unravel the mystery of the first extinction of dinosaurs

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The mystery of an extinction of the dinosaurs It could be on a beach in Wales as an international group of scientists has descended to Lavernock Square, in the south of the country, to analyze the rock segments that could hold the key to learning more about dinosaurs.

The extinction of which we speak, which occurred some 200 million years, was the one that allowed the appearance of the giant herbivores, velociraptors and tyrannosaurs. This extinction came 135 million years before the most serious, which wiped out all species on the planet.

By analyzing the stones, mainly the limestone from the cliffs of Barry Island, scientists hope to be able to give an exact date for the impact of a meteorite. The rock samples, stacked one layer on top of another, help provide a unique view of events around the world that, in this case, were of great magnitude.

Most likely, a meteorite hit Earth, killing many dinosaurs before the volcanic ash finished killing them. Professor Paul Olsen, a paleontologist at Columbia University, told The Times what: "we came here because we are interested in the exact sequence of events that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs”.
The dominant dinosaurs of the time Pangea (only land mass on the planet), they were exterminated. Only half of the land species survived, and about one in five from the sea.

As additional data, the largest dinosaur of all species from the period Triassic, was the size of a cow, the dominant species being the lizards monkeys or «Simiosauria«. Later, the largest emerged, those that we all know.

Image Simiosauria Headboard: Arthur Weasley on Wikimedia
Lavernock Image: Geograph

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