Giza's second solar barque will be discovered

Giza's second solar barque will be discovered

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Today, June 23, at 9:30 a.m. Egypt time, you will discover the second solar boat located south of the Pyramid of Giza, which since 2008 has been the focus of research by the staff of the Egyptian State Secretariat for Antiquities, a delegation from Waseda University and the Japanese Institute for Research and Restoration.

In 1987, after an electromagnetic radar study, the first solar boat found, a second boat, was detected in the west area and so far, it has not been seen. At this time, the conditions are in place to remove the stone top consisting of 40 panels being an event that will take place inside the warehouse of the large store, built to enclose and protect the ship.

Organized by the Embassy of Japan in Egypt, the event will be attended by its charge d'affaires Masami Kinefuchi, the Minister of Antiquities Zahi hawass and the executive representative of the company Nitori Holding, Akio Nitori.

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