Roman shipwreck discovered off the coast of Albania

Roman shipwreck discovered off the coast of Albania

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A research team made up of American and Albanian archaeologists this week found, at a depth of 50 meters, a Roman ship dated between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC.

According to archaeologists, the discovery of the 30-meter-long nave with more than 300 ceramic amphoras (used as on-board containers), sheds new light on the ancient population of the southern Illyrian coast and their trade relations in the Mediterranean.

The growing amount of maritime evidence shows us that one of its commercial strengths was the wine industry, which developed in the 2nd century BC. and continued until the 2nd century AD.”Said Dr. Jeff Royal of the RPM Nautical Foundation in a statement.

He added that “the traffic of this merchandise traveled southward along the eastern Adriatic route to the Vlora area, before making a cut to southern Italy and continuing through the Western Mediterranean”.

In ancient times, the coasts of Albania were part of an important trade route, receiving traffic from Greece, Italy, North Africa and the Western Mediterranean.

This discovery is important not only for the expedition, but also for the underwater archeology of Albania”Said Dr. Adrián Anastasi, from the Albanian Institute of Archeology.

The expedition was funded by the RPM Nautical Foundation, which was founded by American George Robb Jr., and has so far discovered 20 shipwrecks from the Ancient, Medieval and Modern eras in his survey of the Albanian coast in recent five years.

Robb and his research team have repeatedly called for the creation of an underwater archeology museum, which would allow for the excavation and preservation of these relics, but so far they have received little support from local authorities.

The discoveries of the last five years could create a unique museum for the Balkans, an opportunity that Albania cannot miss.Robb finished.

Source: Balkan Insight

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