Medieval convent discovered in Wombridge

Medieval convent discovered in Wombridge

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A group of 50 volunteers has found a medieval convent on the grounds of a Shropshire church. All participated in the excavation, helping to clear the earth and debris, while the Archaeologist Malcom Hislop directed the work.

The Rev. Kevin Evans of Wombridge Parish Church in Telford said the ruins had been known for a while but had never been investigated.

Dr. Hislop said that little is known about the convent, except that it is dated to the late 13th century and that it may have been used by members of the Augustinian Order, who were priests in that territory.

The Reverend Evans said the project had been carried out with the help of volunteers, and even turned down an offer to purchase the land for £ 300,000 from the Veolia Enviroment Trust earlier this year.

Source: BBC

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