The body found in a swamp in Ireland could be of an Iron Age King

The body found in a swamp in Ireland could be of an Iron Age King

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A few weeks ago we told you about discovery of a body up to 3,000 years old in Ireland, apparently with his torso wrapped in a leather bag, believed to have belonged to a woman.

Today we refresh the news for you, as experts from the National Museum of Ireland believe that this body It could be from a sacrificed King of the Iron Age, as it presents several cuts that show that the man died in a ritual slaughter associated with royalty.

Ned Kelly, an expert in the field, spoke with the newspaper that published the results, explaining the new theories: “the kings of Ireland, in ancient times, were replaced after several years. The old King was sacrificed and a new monarch was chosen. This is part of their religious beliefs surrounding the solar deity (male) and the earth deity (female). The growth and decrease of the sun, was reproduced with the rise and death of a monarch”.

The religious idea was that the King was married to the sovereign, or the land. The goddess grew old and withered over the years, and she needed a young and new consort to return to her youth, gain more vigor, and resurrect her beauty. For this reason, the old King was killed and a young one was appointed to replace him, although he did not have to be very old.Kelly explained.

The area where the body was accidentally found is of special interest to Historians and Archaeologists, as it is precisely the border between two ancient kingdoms of Ireland. Kelly said that “all the bodies of the swamp are in significant limits. Because the goddess is the earth, by inserting into her bodies and other items related to the taking of possession of a new King, the ancients believed that in this way the goddess was given a new shape”.

A closer examination of the body reveals various facts about the man's lifestyle and his condition. You could even keep your last meal in your stomach. However, they are paying special attention to the body's nipples. If these had been reduced, it would indicate that it is a King.

Kelly explains: “the kiss or the sucking of the nipples of a King was a gesture of submission. Therefore, by reducing the nipples you can determine whose body was”.

Another discovery was made by taking a closer look at the body. Upon the first scan at the scene, it was thought not only that it was of a young woman, but that her body had been separated from her lower extremities and wrapped in leather.

However, re-examination determined that the body was simply in a very twisted position, and what was supposed to be the leather bag was actually the man's torso.

Source: Irish Central

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