New finds in a Roman tomb in Thrace

New finds in a Roman tomb in Thrace

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A team of archaeologists has reported significant finds in a burial mound from the Roman period of Thrace near the Bulgarian town of Borissovo. Excavations in Bulgaria are now more frequent, motivated by the large number of discoveries that are being made. Without going any further, a grave was found a few months ago in Opaka.

In this case, the finds from the tomb, which is estimated to date to between the 1st and 2nd centuries and is believed to have belonged to a wealthy nobleman, include a number of objects that archaeologists believe were placed there for the use of the occupants. in the afterlife.

Among them we find very strange objects for the time, such as a folding table or a very elegant drinking container, elongated, circular, veneered and decorated, which archaeologists jokingly call "the glass of champagne”. The latter, according to archaeologist Daniela Agre from National Archaeological Institute and Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, or has an equivalent among the previous findings in that country.

The team also found the decoration of a hearse, even though grave robbers had previously excavated the site and almost completely destroyed them. Its decoration includes four eagles whose wings intertwine with the heads of dragons. Each eagle's head has its own unique decoration. The element itself, due to its decoration that also includes other elements, was used as the front of the hearse.

Small boats were also found where the tears of the mourners were placed, and very close to the burial pit a large square altar was found, built with large stones and covered with four identical flat clay tiles, where the food was left. for the dead as part of the funeral ritual.

Agre told 24 Chassa that this find is exceptional. "We were aware of the funeral practice, but this is the first time, with the discovery of the altar, that we see it in a Roman tomb in Thrace”.

Next to the tomb a pyre was found in which the animals were sacrificed for the funeral ritual. There they found bones, charcoal and pieces of pottery from the time.

The site is close to the place where in 2008, this same team of researchers found a single funeral car and the best preserved of its kind, which was described as "the Mercedes of old”.

Analysis of the content found in the local glasses found that they contained imported wines from as far away as southern Italy.

Daniela Agre said that the site, where to date seven burial sites with various valuables have been found, may have been the cemetery of a wealthy and influential family in the Thracian region.

Source: The Sofia Echo

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