Research reveals the importance of the Roman pieces discovered in Villajoyosa

Research reveals the importance of the Roman pieces discovered in Villajoyosa

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The Villajoyosa Museum, under the direction of the archaeologist Paula Bernabeu, has discovered the importance of 11 bronze pieces from the Roman period found in various excavations carried out in the city in recent years, more specifically, they belong to six excavated sites where we found four luxury villas and stately homes and two cemeteries.

The Councilor for Culture of Villajoyosa, Pepe Lloret, said “the archaeologist Paula Bernabeu has done important work on the 11 unique bronze objects from the Roman period. These studies are key to understanding the origin of the elements and giving them the attention they deserve in the new museum”.

One of the best preserved objects is a decorative plaque from the city of Barberes Sud (still in excavations). It is a very rare piece dated between 50 and 200 BC. and it is believed to have decorated an atrium or the central courtyard of a temple.

Another find of great importance and of exceptional value is the “Crepitaculum of Somnus” (sleep god rattle) de la Creueta, dated around the year 100.

Source: RTN

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