2,000-year-old Mayan queen's body found

2,000-year-old Mayan queen's body found

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The skeleton of a Mayan queen, with her head mysteriously placed between two plates, is one of the treasures found in a 2,000-year-old rodent-infested tomb in the ruins of Nakum, Guatemala.

Jade necklaces, beads, and ceremonial knives were also discovered in the tomb, found under another 1,300-year-old boy's tomb that also contained a body.

The two royal burials are the first to be discovered at the site, which was once a densely populated Mayan center.

For decades, the Archaeologist Wieslaw Koszkul, from the Jagiellonian University Institute in Krakow, Poland, together with his team, have been investigating the surroundings of Nakum, known as the Triangle of Culture for decades.

Koszkul said “we believe this structure was something like a mausoleum for the Mayan royal lineage”.

The body in the upper tomb had been badly destroyed by rodents, but the researchers said it was clearly the body of another Mayan ruler. It is also believed that it could be that of a woman because of the size of a ring found in the grave.

The excavations began in 2006 and once inside the first level of the tomb, the scientists noticed cracks in the ground and when they managed to overcome them, they found the crypt in second place.

Koszkul said “I think we can find more burials under the last one, but our excavations are very narrow and the task is much more difficult”.

He also admitted that he did not know exactly why the body had been buried with the bowls, but that he had seen a similar pattern at the Tikal site, also in Guatemala. And he further admitted that the gender of the body also took him by surprise, “well we were waiting for a man”.

What really surprised us is that the tomb was completely intact, although we have found traces of looters very close to it."Said project manager" Jaroslaw Zralka.

Source: Daily Mail

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