Why are people from Madrid called cats?

Why are people from Madrid called cats?

At some point in our lives we have surely heard how some used the term "cat”To refer to madrileños, but why are people from Madrid called cats?

Leaving aside the conception that the true "cat" is the one from Madrid with parents and at least grandparents, also natives of the Madrid town, today we bring you the origin of why do they call people from Madrid cats, a curious legend that accompanies the inhabitants of Madrid.

Origin of the nickname "cats" to the people of Madrid

We have to go back to the troubled times when Spain was mired in the Arab invasion. In the year 852, just over a century after the Arab forces penetrated our peninsula, Muhammad I, son of Abderramán II founded the Magerit village (current Madrid).

With this he built a completely walled fortress which would control the entire Manzanares valley and the Sierra del Guadarrama. Inside, a citadel and a mosque were built that would be called "Almudaina”. ¿What does this sound like to you?

The Magerit wall It was built with large blocks of flint extracted from the quarries of the Madrid mountain range. Solid and virtually impregnable, the fortress had three highly guarded access gates, currently known as Puerta de la Vega, Arco Santa María and La Sagra.

Of course I had high square towers of arabic cut, type minarte, garrisoned inside at all times. ¿The reason for such defenses?

The fact that there were constant attempts to conquer of the city since 924 under the command of Count Fernán González, and later, in 968 by Ramiro II of Leon, who although seriously damaged its walls could not conquer it.

This last attempt did not serve for anything other than for the Caliph Abderraman Madrid was ordered to further fortify.

However, in 1085, the tables turned as the impregnable defenses of the city were of no use against the courage and skill of a mere boy.

Alfonso VI's soldier

One day in May 1085, King Alfonso VI's troops approached Magerit with a spirit of conquest. At dawn the troops arrived at the Puerta de la Vega, in silence so as not to wake the enemy and catch him by surprise.

However, without warning, one of those soldiers separated from his regiment and knife in hand began to climb the high wall, driving the dagger through the joints of the stone blocks.

He climbed up so nimbly that everyone started saying he looked like a cat.

When the fight started the man had already overcome the wallRunning towards the tower while his companions besieged the entrance gate to the fortress, the boy exchanged the Arab flag for the Christian ensign, The high walls had been of no use against the agility and determination of that "cat".

From that day to inhabitants of the town of Madrid, they are mentioned with the name of this agile feline.

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