Museum Day and Night Program 2012

Museum Day and Night Program 2012

Upgrade: If you want to see the Programming of the Night of the Museums 2012 in Argentina, you can see this article.

Next Saturday May 19 is the day chosen for the celebration of "The museum night”, In which you can attend these great cultural centers at night. It is an idea that the French Ministry of Culture and Communication proposed to the Council of Europe in 2005. The initiative is linked to International Museum Day, designed by ICOM (International Council of Museums) Y which will take place on May 18.

The Night of the Museums is celebrated throughout Europe, where more than 2,000 museums will participate in this special night and will open their doors at night, allowing access to the centers at unusual hours. European museums will contribute to illuminate the cultural panorama of the old continent, offering a wide selection of culture and leisure, since not only will they be openings, but also a series of activities will be made available to visitors to bring museums closer to citizens: workshops, guided tours, concerts, theaters and audiovisuals. All of them will be impregnated with the same festive and united spirit throughout Europe.

The main museums of the city of Madrid They have also joined this campaign with a special program for all those who wish to attend the celebration.

The Prado Museum will open its doors from eight thirty in the afternoon to one in the morning, providing free access to all who want visit the rooms on the main floor dedicated to Spanish painters (El Greco, Velázquez and Goya) and the Central Gallery. In addition, this opening will be complemented by a guided tour of the special installation "Goya's constitutional thought”In room 38. This short tour aims to show how the Spanish painter addressed in some of his works issues related to the social and political reforms of the Constitution of 1812.

The Thyssen Museum also participates in the initiative of The museum night. In this case, it offers free admission to temporary exhibitions "Chagall"And" Visions of India "from seven in the afternoon to one in the morning.

The Reina Sofía Museum is approaching the youth this year. Following a proposal from ICOM, young people between 13 and 18 years old sign up to “Museums in a changing world. new challenges, new Inspirations”. It is a kind of "gymkhana”Energized with representative and theatrical techniques in which participants will be able to do a series of mini-activities. Afterwards, they will take part in a discussion to find out how interesting the experience has been.

The rest of the museums in the capital also participate in the initiative of the Council of Europe. The National Archaeological Museum will open its doors from seven in the afternoon to twelve at night and will have guided tours every half hour, as well as monologues and the continuous concert of "The Roaring Twenties”. Another of the city's historical museums, the Anthropology National Museum He will also be close to the public from eight in the afternoon to eleven thirty at night, offering guided tours and various lectures.

All the museums dependent on the General Directorate of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets of the Ministry of Culture celebrate the Night of the Museums through a extensive free program of activities with which they invite citizens to rediscover their collections. Apart from those mentioned above, among them are: the Museum of America, the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the Sorolla Museum, the National Museum of Ceramics, the National Museum and Research Center of Altamira, the Cerralbo Museum, the Museum Casa de Cervantes, the National Sculpture Museum, the El Greco Museum, the National Museum of Roman Art, the Sephardic Museum and the Costume Museum.

Here we leave you the link to Museum Day and Night program in Spain.

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