Norway's oldest city is older than previously thought

Norway's oldest city is older than previously thought

It was believed that the Norwegian city of Tønsberg, an hour's drive southwest of Oslo, was founded around 1100 AD. Now archaeologists think it is about 200 years older, following the drilling tests in the downtown area.

The city is not far from where the famous Osebeg Viking Ship was excavated and now Tønsberg appears which was established as a kaupang viking or a trade center. The remains of the city are dominated by the restored Slottsfjelltåmet, a tower on a hill in the heart of the city that once belonged to a castle and a fortified complex, the ruins of which are still visible.

Tønsberg Ruins

The Aftenposten newspaper reported on Tuesday that drilling tests by archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage (Norsk institutt for kulturminneforskning, NIKU) confirmed the existence of the city during the Viking age. Tests taken in the current city center reveal kulturlag, layers of garbage and remnants of civilization dating back to the year 900 after Christ.

Therefore, although written sources mention Tønsberg for the first time around the year 1120, it was already a commercial center in the year 900, possibly even before. Archaeologists think that the place could have been created as a large farm around the year 300 after Christ.

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