A building in Wales could be older than the pyramids of Egypt

A building in Wales could be older than the pyramids of Egypt

Archaeologists claim to have discovered the remains of a large prehistoric building that could be older than the pyramids of Egypt. The find that has puzzled historians has occurred in Monmouth, a town in Wales.

Monmouth Archeology experts who found the building's wooden foundations, claim that these date to at least the Bronze Age. However, they also consider the possibility that they go back to early Neolithic, 6,500 years ago, which would place them in a period before the pyramids of Egypt, which were built about 4,500 years ago.

Steve Clarke, a fellow at Monmouth Archeology with over 55 years of experience in the field of archeology, states that nothing like it has ever been discovered in Britain and that it will check to see if anything similar has been found on the European continent. The researcher also comments that the structure, possibly belonging to a long house, was built on the shore of a lake that has settled over time.

We think it could date back to the Bronze Age, but some of the experts we've brought in to look at the site say they think it might be early Neolithic. In any case, it is a long house that was surely the home of a family and, perhaps, it was used for meetings and gatherings. But, even with everything, we're not really sure what it is”Explains Clarke, who estimates that the wooden base measured about 15 meters long.

Most of the known longhouses were built on 30 centimeter high posts, but at Monmouth they used trees to make the base of the structure. Archaeologists have ordered radiocarbon tests on the wood and tree base, so the results are expected by the end of this month.

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