Egyptian princess Shert Nebti's tomb found

Egyptian princess Shert Nebti's tomb found

Egypt's Minister of Antiquities announced last Friday the discovery of the tomb of Egyptian princess Shert Nebti, of the fifth dynasty (around 2,500 BC.) in Abu Sir, south of Cairo.

We have discovered the antechamber of Princess Shert Nebti's tomb, and it contains four limestone pillars”Said Mohamed Ibrahim, stating that the columns“they have hieroglyphic inscriptions where they mention the name of the princess and her children”.

The discovery of this tomb marks the beginning of a new era in the history of the tombs of Abu Sir and Saqqara”Added the minister, who confirmed that the excavations have been carried out in conjunction with the Charles University of Prague (Czech Republic), who also excavated in the southeast of the antechamber where they found four more graves, of which two belong to high-level officials, one of them “a great defender of the law" and other "an inspector of the palace servants”, According to your inscriptions.

The discoveries were made during the excavation season that began in October, said Osama al-Shini, Director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Giza, where they have also been found. statuettes of a man accompanied by his son, and another of two men with a woman.

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