'The saint's dream', by Juan Herranz

'The saint's dream', by Juan Herranz

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Everything is ready for the publication of 'The saint's dream‘, The new novel by Juan Herranz. In this month of April, the expected delivery of the writer finally appears in bookstores, which offers an interesting plot around the Cinco Villas (Aragón), where he will try to unveil an enigma with large doses of reality in fiction.

The novel is introduced with this enigmatic paragraph: “The world revolves around an unknown axis. No matter how tiny a point on our planet is, it can become the center of a Universe that miraculously focuses all the energy in its small space”.

In the story, the characters will try to understand what destiny has in store for all humanity from the picturesque village of Undués de Lerda, where once a saint dreamed that it would become a very special place. This enigmatic place, which will mysteriously link with other cities around the world such as Madrid, Munich or Rome, will be the starting point from which the recurring doubt will be raised as to whether human beings are capable of intervening in destiny or can only remain unmoved by doom.

For now and until the novel goes on sale, Juan Herranz proposes an interesting contest which will put our calculation and deduction skills to the test. A challenge that has already spread through social networks and has increased the number of visits to the web.

On the author's website, we are presented with a map from which the mystery of the saint's dream. Tiermas, Sos del Rey Católico, Javier and Petilla de Aragón are the four key points that make up a 12-kilometer space, drawing a magic quadrant where numerous coincidences of great historical relevance have occurred.

From this point on, we can try to unravel the enigmas, connect the dots and add a prediction of the date of the central point of the map (Undués de Lerda).

Once the book goes on sale, the author agrees to present with a signed copy the first to guess the mystery and comment on it on the website.

Almost graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. I started to like history in 2nd year of high school thanks to a very good teacher who made us see that we have to know our past to know where the future takes us. Since then I have not had the opportunity to investigate more in all that our history offers us, but now I can take up that concern and share it with you.

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