Excavations continue in the ancient city of Eleutherna

Excavations continue in the ancient city of Eleutherna

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The archaeological museum of Eleutherna it plans to open its doors in 2015. Having completed the basement and the floor, the roof is now being built to offer the greatest possible stability in the area.

Members of the Central Council of Archeology approved a new plan for the site where excavations have been taking place since 1985 by the Department of Archeology and Art History of the University of Crete. Although the research request by Professor Christina Tsigonaki is still ongoing, in Sectors I and III the studies will continue under the direction of Nicholas Stampolidis, Professor of Classical Archeology.

The new excavation plan will focus on three objectives: define the plan of the ancient city of Eleutherna, reveal the Hellenistic and Roman phase of the city and determine the area of ​​the necropolis.

Until now excavations have shown positive results, excellent finds from various chronologies such as houses, paved roads, shrines, limestone quarries, inscriptions, sculptures, glass and metal vessels, figurines and ivory objects.

But, without a doubt, the most impressive finds have been located in the necropolis of Orthi Petra, among which are remains of pieces and gold jewelry that were sewn into the clothing of the buried women and that date between 750 and 650 BC. Research has shown that the women belonged to the same family, but their identity and social class remain a mystery.

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